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Eneter.Messaging.MessagingSystems.Composites.BufferedMessagingComposit Namespace

Extension for automatic reconnect and buffering of sent messages in case of a disconnection.
Public classBufferedMessagingFactory
Extension allowing to work offline until the connection is available.
Public interfaceIBufferedDuplexInputChannel
Duplex input channel which can work offline.
Public interfaceIBufferedDuplexOutputChannel
Duplex output channel which can work offline.
The buffered messaging is intended to temporarily store sent messages until the network connection is established.
Typical scenarios are:

Short disconnections
In case of unstable network the connection can be broken. Buffered messaging will try to recover the broken connection and meanwhile it will store sent messages to the buffer. Then when the connection is reopen it will send messages from the buffer.

Independent startup order
In case your SW system consists of multiple applications which need to communicate it can be problematic to start them in a certain order so that communicating parts are available. To get rid of the startup order dependency you can use the buffered messaging. If messages are sent to an application which is not started yet they will be stored in the buffer until the application is started.